The Just Walk Team

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Meg: Born and raised in the DC metro area, I've always been around dogs, from my family's spaniels to my aunts pack of show-winning golden retrievers. In early 2008, after completing a degree in social and cultural history from University of Maryland, I found my way into pet care as career! 

I concentrate my learning on animal health and wellness, as well animal behavior. I do my best to get to know each dog personally and form a relationship with them. I believe in positivity and patience when working with animals.

In my spare time, I hang out with my own two dogs and cat, help manage a letterpress print shop, go on walks around the monuments at 2am and spend time at the beach.

Kotu-2 Kotu: I was born and raised in sunny South Florida where I grew up playing in bands and taking the beach for granted. In 2011 I graduated from New College of Florida with a BA in social movent sociology. I was especially interested in labor and worker ownership movements here and abroad. After graduation I volunteered rescuing dogs who were abandoned in the Everglades. I moved to Washington DC in the summer of 2016 to join Just Walk and combine my passions for taking care of dogs and taking care of business.

When your dogs aren't showing me around my new city, you can find me watching Star Trek reruns, pretending I know how to play the bass, and searching DC's coffee shops for a good Cuban colada.
carson Carson: Growing up, I lived in a household with at least two dogs in it at all times—I don’t understand how to live without them! From horses to hamsters, animals and I have always gotten along, so it was natural for me to make the transition to pet care.

I moved back to the DC area a year after graduating from the University of Puget Sound with a BA in History. Ask me about medieval manuscripts, Puritans, or folklore, and I won’t stop talking!

When I’m not exploring the Brookland/Eckington area with your lovely pups, I’m doing any and all crafts and likely drinking an enormous coffee.



Simon: Since I was a little, I always loved and cared for pets and animals. At my house I once had a cat, a dog, a turtle, a hamster, a rabbit and fishes all at the same time. On vacations I would travel with my dad to wild natural sights away from civilization. This developed in me a deep appreciation and respected for our planet.

My interests have always gravitated around the arts, languages and culture. After years of acting in school I studied photography and music and eventually became a multi-instrumentalist that happens to make music.

These days I have a healthy lifestyle that focuses on spirituality, vegan eating, being environmentally friendly, learning and creating. I find working with pets to be very rewarding, specially because they are very pure beings that love unconditionally. Their energy stays with me after every walk.

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Ethical Dog Walking and Pet Care Services

Just Walk is an employee-owned business providing dog walking services in Washington D.C. and Baltimore, MD. We believe dignity ought to have a central place in pet care -- for clients, for animals, and for workers.