Blake Underwood

Blake Underwood

Blake Underwood, in addition to being a Just Walk Collective member, is also an activist and organizer in Baltimore, Maryland.

A founding member of Just Walk, and an active collective member at Red Emma's Bookstore Coffeehouse, Blake has worked with and around dogs since he could reach his grandmother's grooming table at the family-owned kennel in Chesapeake, VA.

In his "downtime" Blake enjoys reading, writing, and destroying tennis balls with his dog, Castro.

11 May
Published in Just Walk

Midday Dogwalking

Midday walks are billed as visits, so as to be as flexible in meeting client's needs.  Not everyone wants a 30 minute walk, and walking often isn't the only need a dog has.  Feeding, medication, backyard playtime for that new puppy that hasn't finished his shots and can't go mingling with the neighborhood - We do all that, and will tailor the visit to meet your specific needs.

Overnight Care

We're not going to lie: Veterinary pracitioners favor keeping companion animals in the familiar, home environment when you leave town, and our experience is that boarding environments consistently leave dogs out of sorts, taking sometimes weeks to return to normal sleep/eating/play routines.

So, we don't do boarding. It seems an imperfect solution, when better options exist. What we do offer is in-home overnight care for dogs/cats, where we let you tailor the care regiment for a flat fee. Not sure why anyone would offer to do differently, really.

27 Jun
Published in Baltimore

Though it took some time to gain our footing in a new locale, Just Walk's Baltimore branch is now well into its second year. Growth has been steady and has proven to accelerate exponentially over time. Right now, we're in the process of bringing on yet another collective member and we really couldn't be more excited.

All of us were dogwalkers well before Just Walk came into the world, so it's very likely that we would all be working our same jobs no matter what the circumstance. The fact that we have been able to turn simple jobs into meaningful careers as part of real project with political ramifications means that all the sweat and insomnia have been made with their while.

The last year hasn't simply centered itself around expanding our client base and paying ourselves a bit more each month, but also around constantly refining our model, so that the project becomes not only a sustainable source of income for all of our collective members, but also an enduring example of the benefits of worker self-management.

Even in the few short years that Just Walk has been in existence, we have worked tirelessly to find and weed out weaknesses in our model, while also putting to use and expanding upon every small success. Even the easiest part of the job, the part where we actually get to walk the dogs, is one that we're constantly trying to find ways to improve.

From animal CPR certification, to expanding our formal training skills, all the way to our pie-in-the-sky dreams about what the project might someday be, we are constantly trying to make our services, our jobs and our lives better and better.

As we now wade into Spring, one that promises to be filled with new challenges for all of us, both as workers and activists, we hope that the work we love continues to sustain us in new and fascinating ways. This new website and blog that you're reading right now are hopefully the first steps in that direction. If nothing else, you can certainly count on the reliable service that we pride ourselves on. But, with so much change (social, political, economic) on the horizon, we think it's a safe bet that we'll be evolving more than ever before. We hope you'll join us as we walk down roads old and new.

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